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Professional Gel against varicose veins

Gel Varius Plus
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Varius Plus against varicose veins

Varius Plus Professional Gel against varicose veins

Varius Plus – it is a professional Gel against varicose veins. The treatment with its help, consists in the direct action on the cause of the disease, resulting in pain, swelling, and inflammation. With Gel in the case of closed ulcers Drumsticks within a month of feet back to give the ease and beauty!

With the problems of varicose veins of each man as a woman and man can meet virtually. If earlier this pathology is one of the age-related changes, is in the presence of young people fall into the group of risk to this disease. The blame for this – way, the movement of life, poor fitting, or Vice versa – standing work. Varicose veins can also start to develop due to the one-sided diet, the presence of harmful habits, overweight. The first signs of the disease may fatigue fast and swelling of the feet. Varicose veins is a complex health problem, and in order to be successful with him, you have to help in time, your body. The best way, according to the statement, the experts in phlebology, is the prevention of diseases with the help of Varius Plus.

But if the Problem started already? The more you draw! All of the visible symptoms is only a consequence of the blockage of the veins and a swelling of the blood vessels due to a malfunction of the valves. In the perspective without treatment, the Situation can only escalate and lead to irreversible consequences: stem varicose veins are veins, chronic venous insufficiency, and to the formation of venous ulcers. Varius Plus requires no doctor's appointments, easy to use and leaves no greasy residue and films. All of this is important for those in treatment with their everyday concerns. Each component of the gel is chosen so that it is indicated for the treatment of at every stage of the pathology.

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Function principle

The natural formula based on plant extracts, reduces the swelling of the calf muscles and the ankle joint, improves blood circulation, relieves itching and varicose veins-vascular grid. Included Gel active ingredients strengthen the Tonus of the vessels, promote the outflow of fluid, with no tired feet at the end of the day. Natural deodorizing substances contain essential oils to fight with an unpleasant smell, have a cooling antiseptic action. Instead of tiredness and swelling, also in the evening you will have a slight cool feel. The regular application of professional Gel against varicose veins not only all the unpleasant symptoms would be eliminate, but also saves the causes of varicose veins.

Apply the gel on the problem areas, already within 3 minutes, the active ingredients to the skin to overcome in 15 minutes - you are already on the fabric. For three days the reduction of edema, pain and inflammation is enough to feel. After a week of symptoms of varicose veins are less pronounced, and the wounds begin to heal. After the treatment by the curved convex disappear veins mesh, the skin smooth and smooth, healthy color without vascular.

Why Varius Plus better?

the effect of the gel varius plus

This therapeutic measure has been within 8 years of the European science and passed multi-tiered System of Tests and research. All rights to the production and distribution of this drug protected license and certificate of quality. Gel earned the trust of consumers in many countries and Spain is no exception.

In the year 2019 clinical studies were carried out on 200 subjects. Two groups of people were with the representatives of the different sexes in the age from 21 to 78 years. All test subjects suffered from symptoms of varicose veins in varying degrees. The first group are considered to be the treatment Varius Plusand the second one used in a pharmaceutical composition with the claimed similar effect. The results of the investigation are shown in the following table:

The indicators examined

The result of the study, 1 group (Varius Plus)

The result of the investigation of 2 groups (Analog)

The elimination of the pain, the swelling, the itching and burning


31 %

Restoration of the functions of the veins



The exception of chronic venous insufficiency



The healing of venous ulcers



Prevention of varicose veins



As you can see, the result of the study by clearly speaks for the efficacy of the productVarius Plus in the treatment of varicose veins and the elimination of painful symptoms.


The composition of the natural Gel against varicose veins Varius Plus

The reason for the effectiveness of the gel lies in its unique, balanced composition based on a mixture of plant extracts, minerals, complex, and natural oils. This formula features an antioxidant effect, and nourishes the walls of blood vessels and capillaries. Here is the description of some of the components in the composition of the gel.

Algae extract – regenerates tissue, improves elasticity of the skin, restores its elasticity.

Mineral complex – penetrates into the deep layers of the Epidermis, making the skin and Anti-Aging effect.

Caffeine – strengthens blood vessels, makes it supple, improves the ability to resist pressure.

To get rid of such a natural composition, the location of all of the negative effects of varicose veins, significantly enhance the quality of life.

Evaluation of the physician

Dr. Doctor – Internist Ricky Ricky
Doctor – Internist
8 years
Many women and men in Spain knows the Problem of pain, swelling and feeling of heaviness in the legs. To the doctor ask if there are visible signs of varicose veins and significant symptoms. It would be easier to avoid these unpleasant consequences by prevention. That is why your customers, I recommend the Gel Varius Plus. He is not only eliminates effectively the visible signs of varicose veins, but also the progression of the disease prevented. In addition, the Gel relieves painful symptoms.